Improvements for "Phrase editing"



Any news on this?

I think somebody wrote in twitter that he's working on an add-on for this, but this was some months ago, so i think it was canceled.


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How we did it:
  1. Exported the XF language file to Excel
  2. Added one column for each language (we use 3 languages)
  3. Uploaded the Excel file to Google docs, so more people could work on it simultaneously.
  4. After everything was translated, we imported it back into XenForo
Worked great!



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Hi Bellinis,

Yes, it is a workaround, but not a good one, if you like to get a good localisation

This exel sheet isn't good for
- checking the available space for text in XenForo
- checking the cross-combinations from phrases in XenForo
- cheching the behaviour from phrase in the XenForo software

So I translate another way as you do to get a localised version of XenForo and not only a translated one ;)


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I agree, it works fine for a quick, collaborative translation, but the fine-tuning has to be done in XF anyhow. :)