Improved Posting Due To Elastic Search


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Speed - it's faster than MySQL fulltext search on larger datasets.

Quicker reindexing - in my experience it reindexes much faster than MySQL standard search (not something that needs doing with any sort of regularity, but useful when you do have to reindex).

Stemming - which matches similar words and can help bring back a broader set of results than a fixed "absolute" term search; for example, searching for "load" may also bring back results containing loaded, loading and loads. (I find this feature very helpful on CycleChat and will be adding XFES to GeeksChat once my budget allows - despite it's small size.)

Shaun :D
I went and posted on your cycle forum. I love your forum but I unfortunately don't have time to be on too many forums right now. I hope some time I will have the time to spend more time on your site.


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And dont forget that your database size will decrease drastically - usually the search index (which is no longer needed hen you use Elastic Search) is the biggest table in the database.

Anthony Parsons

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It used about an extra 400Mb of Ram. I believe the specifications for this is about 1gig of RAM for every million posts, and based on that, my RAM increase is about correct for my one main site, about the same posts as XF, and two smaller newer startups.