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Improved Posting Due To Elastic Search

Discussion in 'Enhanced Search Support' started by Anthony Parsons, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    After purchasing ES for my main site, after only a few days with it running, there is a approximate 40% increase in daily postings all due to members being able to now efficiently find content quickly, the first time, thus posting onto it.

    Before, so many search queries weren't being returned due to the inefficiency of MySQL search.

    As a result, bugger the big board approach, I'm going to be installing ES on all my sites simply due to the fact it is showing a clear and significant increase in posting since its installation a few days ago, and my server stats aren't showing any increase in traffic to account for it.

    These figures have been quite steady for months, bar the obvious decrease for the holiday period.

    Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 5.00.06 PM.png

    Obviously I will monitor this... though there is nothing new to account for such an increase in posting other than a vastly improved search capability.

    Just goes to show how one small improvement can dramatically change users actions when they can accurately find content.
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  2. SchmitzIT

    SchmitzIT Well-Known Member

    Nice, Anthony. I might give the system a whirl on one of our sites as well and see if we notice the same positive changes.
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  3. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    Just installed on two other smaller sites with only 10k + posts... will monitor for effect.
  4. DeltaHF

    DeltaHF Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing that. Not the results I would expect at all, are you sure nothing else could account for the sudden increase?
  5. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    Look forward to seeing results going forward. Was there an announcement made that may have lead to a higher than normal usage of the search?
  6. Deebs

    Deebs Well-Known Member

    Great news Anthony :)
  7. robdog

    robdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. I am also looking forward to hearing further results on both your big and small sites.
  8. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Well-Known Member

    Will definitely be interesting to see if it stays up like that... To be completely honest, a 40% increasing in posting simply because of a faster/better search makes me think there was some other contributing factor. And if people are searching more, I would think they would post LESS since they might find existing topics already. I can't imagine anything someone could search for that would make them post MORE. But if that ends up being the case long-term somehow, great!

    If 1% of my users searched before posting it would be an improvement.
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  9. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did make an announcement, though that only caters the initial spike... even with the last batch of statistics, the results are still accumulatively higher than before.

    For example, my old search couldn't even find "cup", where now it can, as its relevant to a busy page on my site.

    I am going to monitor over a period and see what happens.
  10. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    So far... results have tapered to a 30% increase in posting since the ES installation.

    I actually had the same attitude to be honest, as I struggled to use the search on my own site due to it simply not returning the results for my searches via MySQL.

    Now I use a little more just because it is returning better results.

    I compare this to using Bing vs. Google. When you're used to Bing returning crap results, and that may be all you have to work with, then you accept it and put up with it, though likely use it less. When you suddenly have Google returning closer to what you're searching, suddenly you use it more.

    I place my posting improvement due to search to the common catch phrase, "Google It!" When it works well, you use it. When it doesn't, you just post first and rely on older members to find and source information from memory.
  11. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen a similar increase at CycleChat, but then I already had MySQL configured to allow for 3 letter searches. (y)
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  12. Marcus

    Marcus Well-Known Member

    I don't see a difference but my mysql is configured to allow for 1 letter searches.
  13. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    I doubt you would see any difference if your SQL was configured to allow for lesser searches. One letter... that must be one hell of a search index table for MySQL! :eek:
  14. TheComputerGuy

    TheComputerGuy Active Member

    How are the stats now?
  15. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    They've levelled of now, with around a 10% increase in search.

    I would put that down to the improvements that ES offers over standard MySQL search options.
  16. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    I have 713,663 so I don't meet the magic million post count number I have seen.

    I should look at what else this brings to the table. I want a 3 letter search. What other things does this have that will make me want this?
  17. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    Speed - it's faster than MySQL fulltext search on larger datasets.

    Quicker reindexing - in my experience it reindexes much faster than MySQL standard search (not something that needs doing with any sort of regularity, but useful when you do have to reindex).

    Stemming - which matches similar words and can help bring back a broader set of results than a fixed "absolute" term search; for example, searching for "load" may also bring back results containing loaded, loading and loads. (I find this feature very helpful on CycleChat and will be adding XFES to GeeksChat once my budget allows - despite it's small size.)

    Shaun :D
  18. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    Ok, you sold me. I will buy this.
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  19. Anthony Parsons

    Anthony Parsons Well-Known Member

    Argh... I have this installed on two forums with less than 20,000 posts, just because it's faster, better search results overall, than what MySQL provides.

    I haven't seen any impact on CPU, only an increase in RAM usage as a result of using this over MySQL. A lot less calls to the DB though now on my larger site, which is still under 500k...

    I think a million posts is stretched IMO... this is viable on even the smallest startup forums.
  20. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    How much did your ram usage go up? I am still on vB but I hope to be moved soon. We are building the new forum now and Kim is skinning it.

    I hope that XenForo uses less ram to make up for the increase in ram that the better search will use.

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