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I think in general the thread title "shouting" correction, where shouting (i.e. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) isn't allowed and corrected needs rethinking. My suggestion is, it should simply check for a certain number of capital letters, say 10 capital letters in a row, and then revert to the Title or Sentence Case correction. This will allow for title's like "My Problems with IE 10" and won't mess up "IE". I also think it would be cool, if thread titles could be generally corrected by the user, but that is another suggestion.:)

My request is similar to this one or rather the function also is causing @QenTox pain.

It is also solved by this add-on, sort of.

So the need for improvement is there. Thanks. Hope I could help.

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Thread titles can be corrected by the user. It is an additional permission introduced in XF 1.2. If you have permission, then the Edit Title link will appear in a Thread Tools drop down.