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Lack of Interest Improve Error Message when Entering Smilies

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by CM30, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. CM30

    CM30 Member

    At the moment, if you forget to enter text for a smiley when adding or importing them, it just says the message:

    But do you know what it doesn't seem to do?

    Actually highlight the incorrectly added smilies or give any indication to which ones were added incorrectly.

    So could this be changed? Make it so there's an error message displayed at the top which says something like 'please enter valid smiley text for the following smilies:



    (smileylist) is replaced by a list of smiley names? Along with maybe a nice little message saying 'please enter valid smiley text' in red next to the names of said smilies, and a red border around the input box?

    This would massively improve the usability of the 'add smiley' options page and make it much easier to see where you messed up.
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  2. Jawaad

    Jawaad New Member

    Bump this post, it is annoying we cannot know which is error smilie text.
    What rules or allowed smilie text?

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