iOS 16.2 navbar graphic glitches when entering a title to start creating a thread in the thread view


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Affected version
This is different behavior than I reported a few weeks ago here:

1. Enter any node
2. Start to type a title inside the thread view
3. Start scrolling fast/slow
4. If it didn't work the first time, change the phrase of the title to get a different similar thread list and scroll slow/fast again across the page

That's what you will see:

View attachment Untitled.mp4

I've noticed this on iOS 16.1.2 as well. Tested with an iPhone 14 Pro.


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Can't reproduce on iPhone 11 / iOS 16.1.2 (20B110)
I can reproduce this on the iOS simulator, so it should be universal. Try to change the title to something with many search results, inside the thread view and not use the "post thread" button. Try using two different phrases with many results. scroll fast/slow between each phrase entry to the bottom/top of the page and you'll see it.