Improve distinction between reply & report button on reviews

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
The report and reply buttons are a bit unluckily designed in my opinion. I just accidentally reported a review when I tried to answer it, because I just read the first two letters "re" and my head was already certain, that it was the right link to click. One of course could point out that I could've noticed that I am typing into a popup instead of the inline editor, but I think that difference is too subtle if you're either convinced that you're doing the right thing or just don't know what you're doing (for example if your english is too bad to tell the difference between report and reply, I experience that a lot at one of my projects).

I would appreciate it, if there would be a way to make the reply link more dominant or more obvious. If I only look to the left side of the review, I only see the report link, and vice versa. Maybe it would at this point make sense to just always show the reply field if it's applicable, that would make it much more dominant and encourage users to reply to reviews.
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