XF 1.3 Importing with preset super admin

Neil E.

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From the guidelines:
The next step is the most important; using phpMyAdmin or similar, take a backup of the database.
This backup will then be the clean master database, which can be used over and over again until you're ready to do the import for the final time.
The backup should be taken before you create any categories, forums, or test users, make any posts or add any content at all.
Does mean no users at all? Not even the administrator? Let's say my username in the imported data is the same as what I have in the destination forum. What happens?

I'm thinking that a super admin with a unique username should exist so that this super admin will not acquire anything during the import. The super admin is then possibly accessible if anything goes wrong.

I see that a super admin can only be created using myforum/library/config.php
It currently contains $config['superAdmins'] = '1';
Does the comma separated list go on a new line directly after this? What is the correct syntax?

Neil E.

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Thanks, Brogan. This raises another question. Since I am the only user at present, I have to assume that I am user ID 1 and thus a super admin. Where is the user number displayed? When I check my info, it only shows "administrator" as highlighted (not super administrator).

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Click on the user name and check the URL in the browser address bar.
The id is shown after the user name.

Administrator links to the admin permissions.

Neil E.

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OK I see it. It appears there is no super admin group, so the only way to know who is a super admin is to access config.php, correct?

Neil E.

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Thanks, haven't used that link for quite a while. One other thing, I'm going import into the test forum only at this time. In this case I do NOT want the automatic redirects to be applied. Is there a simple way to prevent this during the import?

Neil E.

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In the Importing section of the XF manual, under Redirecting URLs, there is a statement: Currently, forums, threads, posts and attachments are redirected. Also, "An important aspect of importing is being able to automatically redirect any traffic from the old pages to the new ones."

I don't want search engines to follow a change in the content location. Perhaps I'm not grasping the intent of these statements.