XF 1.1 Importing vB reputation points to XF as trophy points...



Is this possible? The vB 4.2.0 database / forum is still on the server (for gathering info purposes of course). My members LOVED the whole reputation points that were in vB, it encouraged them to post more and more, to gain more points. With current "likes" in XF, it doesn't really do anything for them per se, because they're not "earning anything".

"Likes" just tells them, someone "likes" their stuff, which is a given/obvious. I was wondering about some how maybe running a query or script, that could import from the vB database into XF database, their reputation points converting those to XF trophy points. And some how setting it up on XF, for every time someone "likes" their stuff, it gives them trophy points. (Although this could be asking for alert flooding)

I know of Post Ratings paid resource, but I'm broke bloke and can't afford it. I wish XF had a "dis-like" and "thanks" option built-in to the core though. I had used DBtech Post thanks/likes before, and that worked like a charm, because it gave users more reputation points for every "like" and "thank" they got from others. It encouraged them to post more stuff. But anyway, I'd like to give or some how get them their old "rep points" back to them again.. I suppose I could search their rep points on the vB copy and edit their profiles in XF.. I dunno.
Reputation is imported as likes. Trophies can be awarded by likes. Do that.

Admin CP -> Users -> Trophies

Ah okay... When I did the initial import though, alot of the rep weren't fully imported.. because that DBtech plugin for vBulletin, was it's OWN system I believe. Of course, XF didn't handle the DBTech post likes/thanks stuff.. and that plugin gave rep points per each "thank/like" they got with it too. Which might have been quirky/overlooked during import, I'm not sure. I'll set up some trophies then.. and maybe just find their old original rep point counts in vB, and manually adjust their XF trophy point count accordingly.. thanks Jake. :)
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