XF 1.5 Importing Pre-Built Style

Following the screenshot in the Pre-Built Style section of the Styles portion of the manual, I have just inadvertently overwritten the system default. I want to keep the default and make it available for users who want a lighter color scheme while and use the darker pre-built as my board's default.

Is there a quick fix to restore the system default in the ACP, or should I just delete the board and re-install the software?

If I need to re-install, then should I leave the 'Import as Child' option checked and 'no parent style' drop-down alone for my second attempt to import the style I want?
Just tried it, and titled it 'Default Style', but now I have two styles with the same title, and the system won't let me delete the one I overwrote.

I'm just going to delete the board and start over. I presume it's a simple matter of deleting everything in the test folder I installed it in, and then re-uploading the files and re-running the installation?

EDIT: Problem solved. Apparently, giving my style the same title overwrote the pre-built I imported. I just deleted the one I created and re-checked my board, and the original default is back in place.
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Thanks. Yup, discovered that myself and edited my post. :)

I have, however, just encountered a problem with the style I'm trying to import. I bought a copy of xenFracture from ThemesCorp.com. It comes with four folders, two of which are labeled 'install first' and 'install second'. The xml inside the 'install first' folder imported without issue, but XF is reporting an invalid xml error when I try importing the xml in the 'install second' folder.

Any ideas?
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Probably best to contact the author of the style with that. They should be able to confirm that you have the correct files.