Importing old (vBulletin) images into New Media Gallery (existing XenForo db)


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I still have my old vBulletin database and images. I would like to import them into a new Media Gallery on my existing XenForo dababase.

When I Start the importer I see this
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 19.45.37.png

How can I import the images and leave everything else intact?
It looks like I have to go thru all steps. But then i'm going to end with duplicate data right?

Can someone tell me what I have to import again? I just want the images and leave the rest like it is.

Thanks! :)

Chris D

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That's the vBulletin Forum Importer.

You need to use one of the importers named similar to:

XFMG: Import from vBulletin Albums