Importing language in multiple steps

I am trying to import Polish language to my xenForo installation. Unfortunately it ends with internal server error: Premature end of script headers: admin.php.

I decided to split the language files into two parts. Each of those parts can be imported successfully, but for obvious reasons each doesn't contain all translated phrases. Is there a way of importing the first part and the somehow import the second part without removing the first one?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
That's a tough one. Since it works with smaller language files I suspect some kind of limit is being exceeded that is killing the script.

Are you running suhosin, eAccelerator, or zend optimizer? I suspect a PHP problem here and those are some of the more troublesome extensions in my experience. For the purpose of troubleshooting I suggest temporarily disabling any "excess" extensions like caches, accelerators, optimizers, hardeners, etc.
Unfortunately, my control over PHP's options is very limited. I've found a workaround though. I imported the first part and then the second as a child of the first one. The drawback is that I have now two Polish language in the selector, but I changed to the proper one for all my users to avoid a confusion.

It's a pity that the script doesn't allow for partial imports.