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Thanks for all the comments and tips, it now makes sense. Question then on importing from vBulletin

Import procedure is to start with an empty database, then import. Since the empty database doesn't know any usergroups yet, you can't set up permissions until you do an import.

Once the import is completed, you then have to convert members like rouar suggests - this implies the import/conversion of an existing vBulletin forum isn't going to be 'overnight'.

Has anyone done a move from another software package to Xenforo - any comments or tips on the best way to do this

You can set the permissions for the four core user groups prior to importing, as well as set up all of the options, etc.

You could also create any custom user groups and set permissions for those (and then delete the duplicate groups imported from VB).

You would have to do batch moves first, so the members end up in the correct groups.

However, you can only set permissions for nodes and reassign members to user groups after the the import.

Once you have everything set up as you wish, take a backup before you import.

You can then reload that backup should you need to do it over.

That is covered here:
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