XF 1.1 Importing From Vanilla Forums

Gray Adams

I made the terrible mistake of installing 'Vanilla Forums' onto my website. After collecting 4,000 users in a period of a week and just merely 200 threads, I felt the software was very confusing to the common user and looked very... boring.

The whole concept of listing the most recent threads on the home page never appealed to me, and the category view was very basic and unappealing.

I'm considering paying a conversion team to do this for me, but I really don't want to throw down roughly $100 for this.

Is there no way to import my old Vanilla Forums into Xenforo? It seems like it should be an option. Are there any ways of doing this? I've tried searching the forums and Google, and I'm beginning to lose hope in a 'free' option.

I'm also curious as to how this conversion team must be doing it.

TL;DR - How do you import from Vanilla Forums, seeing as that it is not an option in the default Xenforo installation.

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