Anyone used Vanilla Forums?

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It breaks my heart to say this, but the lack of updates regarding the development roadmap for Xenforo is a serious factor that I have to consider from a business standpoint. I've been onboard since day one and have eagerly awaited every update.

Would you guys consider Vanilla Forums a viable alternative at this point in time? They seem to have a growing community over there. Has anyone here used it? Should I switch my community to Vanilla or wait it out and hope Xenforo gets an update?

Thanks, your insights are greatly appreciated.
I've used it. I like the q & a aspect of it. The only real problem I had with it is you need addons for everything and I mean everything. All you get out of the box is a forum and member list. That's it. There are some bundled addons that you can activate, but, after that you'll need to download the things you need from the addon section.
Check MyBB 1.8 version is around the corner, i would not say its better or near to XF but improving a lot and free.

Good resources available and active community.
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