XF 1.5 importing from SMF


I just finished importing from SMF and I experience a wierd issue.

When I visit the forum without logging in than I can see the general category including the 3 sub-forums and all the messages.

When I visit the forum while being logged in as an admin I can not see any content besides the general category title - no subforum and no threads (I can see the private messages though).

Any idea what I'm missing?


Additional info:

I noticed that when I add my administrator account to the "Global Moderator" group (as well as the administrative group) then I can see the content just fine.

Then I went ahead and changed all the administrative group permissions to match exactly the global moderator group permissions but I still was unable to see any content while logging into my administrator (with only the administrative group but without the global moderator group).

I hope this extra information will be useful in fixing this issue.



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It sounds like a permissions issue.

Use the analyze permissions function to determine how the final permission values are being applied to your account.

See the link in my signature for how to set perms up.