Importing from mwForum

I'm very interested in using XenForo, but the current system we use is rather outdated and I was concerned about importing our users, threads, etc. to XenForo. At the moment we are using

Admittedly, I am not very proficient in the installation of forums. Can anybody here let me know if it would be possible for us to transfer/convert our user and post database from mwForum to XenForo.

Thanks for any help.


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There are several people here who perform imports, but there is no direct mwforum to XenForo importer. Either you will need to commission a custom importer or see if you can import via vBulletin, myBB, phpBB, or IPB to get into XenForo.
Thanks, Jeremy. I have posted a thread seeking a developer to create a custom importer. Do you know of any other websites where it may be easier for me to find someone to commission a custom converter/importer?

Adam Howard

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@Roque I got your PM. It's been a very, very long time since I last used or played with mwForum. I was surprised to learn that they're still around.

I would recommend for a custom importer such as this @Jake Bunce

mwForum can run on MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. You should know that XenForo uses only MySQL at this time. Having an importer that can not only convert the database and the format will be an undertaking.