Importing From aspx?


New member
Hello, I currently own a forum, I bought it already made. I was a member for years and the owners were no longer interested in keeping it going, so I bought it. Now it's my headache. Sadly the site was created in aspx, in Community Server commercial edition in 2007. The site has several glitches, has been hacked twice in the last month, I think it's time for an upgrade and several people recommended this software here. There is however no script for importing from an aspx site. For many other types of forums, but not that kind. I contacted XenForo and they said I'd need someone to make a script just for this purpose. Does anyone know if there is a script for this already around someone else used and had made in the past?

My forum is quite simple, posts only, no blogs, no galleries. So I thought I'd ask if anyone had any news about an already existing script to import from an aspx site and if so, where I'd find it. I already have all my other sites on a linux dedicated server the redone forum could go on, I have no interest in keeping it in aspx. Thank you.