Importing Data

d a

New member
Is it possible for example to import large amounts of data into xenforo just to get some structure for a new site

ie i want to import

forum categories
- car manufacturers names
then forum entries under each category
- the topic = car models

with each entry i want to be able to have a jpeg of each car manufacturer and for each topic i want to be able to have a jpeg of each model name

possible ? if so how ? i hope no custom css required as wont this require regular updates and cause problems later ? is there a plugin for this ? pls advise thanks !!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
If you already have that structure set up in other software it should be possible to import it as long as it's software we support importing from.

The styling changes you suggested would require CSS changes most likely but, no, this doesn't usually cause problems with upgrades.