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How hard is it to import let's say a section of your current xenForo forum to a whole new xenForo forum? And only import users that have posts from that forum? Also would it be easy to redirect the URLs?

Used it, that's pretty awesome actually. Anyway, I first tried to copy paste all my thread ID's got a server 500 error misconfiguration. Then I tried just a few, and it worked, then I tried half, and it gave me the same error. Seems like this method can't handle a lot of IDs? In total I have 7000 threads that need to be redirected, so 7000 IDs, it couldn't handle about 3500.

Here is a pastebin of the code I used, this is with about half the IDs

So would I use something like this

<xen:if is="{$forumId} == 1 || {$forumId} == 2 || {$forumId} == 3">
redirect the thread

Would I use that in the header or something?
You could forward all threads/ requests to a PHP script that checks the ids. Or extend the threads route to check the ids before the request goes to the controller.

This whole thing is nasty, but you are asking the question so...

I've recognized that this way is supposedly a lot easier for the server to handle.

redirect 301 /threads/*.68/ http://mynewsite.net/threads/*.68/

I was able to use the same trick that you posted with some modification in excel to come up with the aforementioned redirect for all the ids. The only problem that I think I will have is the use of the asterisk, and I am not really sure if that's even correct.

How can I say to redirect any name in that code, will the asterisk work?
RewriteRule ^threads/([^\.]+)\.(68)/(.*)$ http://mynewsite.net/threads/$1.$2/$3 [R=301,L]

That should do it. The thread_id only occurs once.

But remember that method was causing my server to throw out errors.

I was able to use this rewrite rule outside of mod_rewrite and it worked perfectly. Just had to repeat it about 7000 times, which apparently wasn't as bad as the other method as the server is running fine.

RedirectMatch permanent ^/threads/(.*)\.550/(.*)$ http://myotherwebsite.com$0
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