XF 1.1 Imported users and usergroups


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I just imported my users from VB4 using Digitalpoint's importer. It handles all usergroups, both primary and secondary.

I rearranged things in VB to handle the suggested method of doing permissions in XF, that is place all user in the Registered group and then assign permissions with additional groups. In my install, all my users that were in the registered group in VB became the registered group in XF - all well and good.

I also had 151 subscribers that were in a separate group in VB, hooked to the Registered group via secondary user groups. However, my Premium users are not getting the user titles for that usergroup in XF, they get the title specified in the Registered group.

Is this how it works or does some sort of cron job handle the changes?

I hope I have explained myself well enough, not quite understanding how my premium users can get their user titles back....

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