Fixed Import vb 5.5.5 attachments Problem


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Hi, we have imported our vb 5.5.5 Forum into Xenforo 2.2.3.

After Import some of the Images = Attachments are missing in the posts.
They were imported and shown in the attachment section after the post but not in the post itself where they should be.


vb5 Code:

[ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Klicke auf die Grafik f\u00fcr eine vergr\u00f6\u00dferte Ansicht  Name: Heide211.jpg Ansichten: 476 Gr\u00f6\u00dfe: 198,8 KB ID: 1216169","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1216169","data-size":"large"}[/ATTACH][ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Klicke auf die Grafik f\u00fcr eine vergr\u00f6\u00dferte Ansicht  Name: Heide188.jpg Ansichten: 478 Gr\u00f6\u00dfe: 268,7 KB ID: 1216171","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1216171","data-size":"large"}[/ATTACH][ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Klicke auf die Grafik f\u00fcr eine vergr\u00f6\u00dferte Ansicht  Name: Heide260.jpg Ansichten: 478 Gr\u00f6\u00dfe: 217,5 KB ID: 1216170","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"1216170","data-size":"large"}[/ATTACH]

Xenforo Code:

[ATTACH type="full" width="60%"]1216169._xfImport[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" width="60%"]1216170._xfImport[/ATTACH]
The image with ID 1216171 is no longer in the post, but the image is attached to post - so it is imported but the ATTACH Tag ist missing ?!

Did anyone have an idea how we can fix this?

Regards Pascal
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Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XFI release (1.4.1).

Change log:
When rewriting embedded attachments for vBulletin 5 ensure the replacements made aren't too "greedy".
There may be a delay before changes are rolled out to the XenForo Community.
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