XF 2.1 Import process protocol -- how to set permissions without first importing usergroups?


@Brogan your post https://xenforo.com/community/threads/importing-guidelines.25325/ says
The first step is to install XenForo......

Once installed, configure the software as required; whether that be importing a style or creating your own, installing any add-ons, setting the options in the ACP, configuring permissions, etc.

Perhaps I'm missing something here but how am I supposed to configure permissions if I have not imported usergroups or forums at this point?


OK, noted. Seems I will have a bit of work to do on going live day. I have voted for various suggested improvements to this import process. In my opinion an option for importing only posts, threads, and new users since a certain date would be a great addition to the import add-on.


There are 4 built in user groups which you can set the base permissions for.

I'm checking into this now, I have users who can't see certain nodes for some reason. It seems they were in additional usergroups that had permissions issues, when I deleted the additional usergroups, their access was restored (i guess I can just setup new group promotions, since the promotion criteria didn't import from VB)

Is there cleanup I can do in Vbulletin before my final import that will make the permissions process easier during my final import?

For example, I have a usergroup called, "Industry Reps" with several people in it as a primary usergroup. Should I move them into the Registered Users group in vbulletin now and make their Industry Reps group as an Additional User group?


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If you can simplify the user groups and permissions in VB then it can help but you would still need to check after importing to make sure everything is as expected.