XF 1.5 Import Problem mybb to Xenforo Password's..

Good evening,
I have moved my forum from WBB to MYBB. Told some friends to give it a try. You could register with the same PW's as at WBB.
Now I have made an import from mybb to Xenforo.
But now the PW's don't work anymore, with no... what can I do now?
it's about 17,000 members :(

Hope for help..

ALso does EVERY member have to click on forgotten password and have a new PW sent to them by email?
Really? Is there no other solution? we are talking about almost 17,000 members.....


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I do not think so. I highly doubt all of your 17,000 members are active and probably will never visit again.
that's true, but "is there really no other solution? maybe others had the problem... the problem also exists from WBB -> mybb -> IPB? ...


You will need to create a new Authentication class in the authentications folder for WBB.

You will then need to edit the MyBB importer so that the _importUser method can detect which users are using the WBB auth and have those users use that as their Auth instead.

Unfortunately without having any clue what WBB's auth method is or how exactly it got imported into MyBB I can't safely specify much further. It is definitely a smaller programming task, though I am probably not the most economical person to do this if you need help.