Import - Permissions Not Carried Over

I'm new to XF, when importing everything permissions did not get carried over, how do I set permissions, and is there anyway to do it MASS. I have staff forums, and I want only the staff members to see them, and VIP forums, and I want to mass set the usergroups, because after importing, VIP members have NO permissions, and I want to base VIP off of Regular members, except that they have access to VIP forums.

Jake Bunce

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For creating a private forum:

Creating a private forum

Because of the way Revoke works in xenForo you shouldn't use it to restrict a private forum. Instead you should use a special feature in xenForo called Private node. You will see the Private node checkbox when editing the permissions for a specific node. This basically inverts the permissions so that you can specify Allowed groups instead of Revoked groups. This is actually better for group management if you add more groups later.

Admin CP -> Users -> Node Permissions -> [select a forum] -> Private node
You shouldn't have to "mass" update permissions. Node permissions are inherited from the groups, so you can set the base permissions for all nodes by editing your group permissions.
I don't understand, I checked and VIP, and Registered Members are set to inherit. Registered can see the forums, but VIP get "Private Forum" for every forum... What gives?
I understand that, but I don't have anything set to private. My VIP members can not view ANY forums, which is why I was wondering if there was a MASS permission setup, as I do not want to go individually to each node and give VIP permission.

Jake Bunce

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1) Does the VIP group have custom permissions set for any nodes?

2) If not, check the group permissions:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click the VIP group]
Actually, one of my Admins fixed it with one click... Apparently something got set wrong. I appreciate the offer though, I'll keep you in mind when I have more problems lol. After getting everything transferred over... So much work to do. GAHHHH lol.