Lack of interest Import Members from Spread Sheets (CSV etc)


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I did some search here in the forum and did only find unmaintained third party importers for Excel CSV. And no other workaround.

In my opinion an importer for Members via Excel CSV(or numbers or opendoc) should be CORE. Why? It is a helper for admins that use XF for the first time (like me) and have to import members from another source – other than other brand's boards... (like I do: import from a professional member administration software for my club).

This is a marketing tool and great selling argument for XF core, that no matter how you come to XF, you will be served.

Think about it. I am shortly before completion of my forum after one year of work on it. Looking forward to import 1000+ members by hand lets me shiver.
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Tracy Perry

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A user only CSV type importer (why make it Excel dependent) probably would be beneficial.
The only thing I see is I would want it to FORCE the users to change their password upon next log on since their text would be out there in viewable source. I wouldn't expect it to do any more than bring user names/join date/password/location fields in though. No content whatsoever. I've got a feeling this would be very niche like though, as I don't know of that many scripts that export their userbase info out as a CSV (including password) since most passwords are encrypted in most scripts.


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I am totally meaning CSV. Excel is more like a synonym, sorry. CSV is totally sufficient since all the usual suspect software is able to export.

Passwords are not necessary and not recommended since it is easy to reapply the password when members just use the "lost password" function.

Alone the import of user name / nickname and email address saves hours of work.

Chris D

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Something like this isn't planned for the near future, but one thing that could help you out is PhpMyAdmin.

It supports importing data from CSV files.

That should work as a workaround. Though it will need some testing. Users are kept across multiple tables and the system does assume those tables are populated in some cases.


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To be honest my PHPMyAdmin skills are limited to view table content and change single entries but I guess this doesn't need too much to import a name to the name field and the email to the eMail field... hmmm... need to acquire more PHP skills.