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I have finally bought a license because a trial on a server which is not my own and with a forum for only 3 days is not satisfying for me.
I did the import and it worked quite well, but I'm now dealing with some issues and need to find all the necessary settings.

First thing to notice was a problem with import of special German characters - my vBulletin database had obviously a collation "latin1_german2_ci", the new database of XF "utf8_general_ci" and no conversion was done automatically. so I have now strange characters all over the board.

Unless the fact that I will do the import again when I want to go live with the board:
  • What must I do before or during the import to avoid this?
  • Is there a SQL command line to change this?


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Another question: In the manual is written:
A required action once the import is complete is to rebuild the search index. Failure to do so will make it impossible for searches to be performed on the imported data. To rebuild it, click on the Tools tab and then the Rebuild Caches icon. Depending on the number of posts and quantity of data, this could take a long time.

Unfortunately there is no Icon "Rebuild Caches" and I cannot find this icon or a corresponding menu anywhere :(

OK, that seems to be the problem: I have set up the software with an admin account named "xenadmin".
After Import this user was no longer existent and I have logged on with my administrator account fromvBulletin - but this account doesn't have the same rights as in VB, neither in Admin Panel nor for moderating.

So from my point of view it seems we have a problem with the import, I would expect the same permissions like before...

So I need to edit library/config.php to get the necessary permissions as Super Administrator, right?
There should already be an entry in the config.php file for user 1.

Is that the ID of your administrator account?

If not, you can add another Id, comma separated.
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