MG 1.1 Import from vB 4.2 fails


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from another thread:
If you continue to receive these errors, it may be simply down to some sort of corrupted image. To identify it, look in the xengallery_media table for the last entry.
In my case the import stops at 25,xx%, Chrome-browser shows error 500.

In archived_import_log_xmg the last entry is the old_id 17998. In the source data the next id is 18001, the ids 17999 and 18000 are not present.

Is that a problem when the source data has gaps?

Ok, i will try it again and open a ticket if it does not work.

You've still tips, what is in the past often failed? In my error logs are no entrys ... where I could search?
500 errors are a pain to debug.

You'd need to be looking at your server side logs, specifically any PHP related error logging. Your host may be able to help with this.
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