Not a bug import from phpBB 3.3 into xf 2

Affected version
xf 2.2 and phpbb 3.3


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Our gaming website uses the phpBB forums to populate our gaming lobby table data. It is critical that any users in the gaming table also be in the forum users table, since the gaming client validates that the forum account exists, otherwise they get kicked out. And of course, if the user tries to create a forum account in XF, the gaming table will report a SQL error (since that data already exists) and the user will be kicked out.

At present, there are 376 users in the gaming table that are NOT in the xf_users table. In addition, there are 418 users in the phpBB users table that are not in the XF users table. For sure, probably most of those are the bot and crawler accounts... which is fine. Not sure exactly what other type of info you want specifically...



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I've replied to your thread here:

This message had more detail including a mention about duplicate email addresses which is very relevant. I think it's best we continue in that thread for now.