Import: Custom avatar path wasn't picked up right


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Fresh install of XF B6 importing vB 3.8.5.

The attachment path was spot on but for Customavatar the value: ./customavatars which was/is correct didn't work. I had to change the path in there to home/useraccount/public_html/forums/customavatars in order for it to work.
The attachment path was above the webroot: home/useraccount/attach, in case that was the problem. Nothing I couldn't figure out, but could cause a problem for a new admin.

Currently running the import on a 170,000+ user database. Based on the time to complete the first 25% of the user table, it looks like it'll take a bit over 5 hours. Will update later...

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Exciting !
Good luck.
I'd be interested in your Professional Admin knowledge about performance in XF vs. "Forum software formerly known as UBB". :)
5 hours ... I can stay up til then ! :)


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3 hours, 49 minutes to import Users. 21 users failed import all due to commas. Much better than I got with Beta 1! :). Now to see what happens with other bits of the import...


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The paths it displays are simply what's set for your vB. There's nothing we can really do about that.


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The paths it displays are simply what's set for your vB. There's nothing we can really do about that.
Could it be that because it was using a relative path for custom avatars, and xf wasn't in the same folder as vB then that's why the relative path failed and I had to use an absolute one? That's what it seemed like. Couldn't you just take the path to the vB installation (which is already known) and concatenate the path to the customavatars (that is currently being picked up from vB config) just leaving out the relative ./ ?

Err... Actually I meant concatenate /customavatars to the end of the vB install path not the other way around, that'd just be silly.:oops:

Like I said, it's not a big problem for folks that understand the paths etc... But I expect you'll have a LOT of folks that will have imports fail since IIRC ./customavatars is the default path used in the vB config out of the box. Obviously you know all that way better than I do though:rolleyes:.

Anyway, other than that the import has been very smooth to this point, it's grinding through the threads and posts now.


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That is indeed the problem, but the path to the vB installation isn't known. :)
Heh. To use the vernacular: Bummer. :p

Anyway: Overall I'd have to say it's an awesome import system, I hope Jerry doesn't mind the comment that it wipes the floor with Impex (Yes, I know, it's apples and oranges as it's purpose built for just vB 3.7/3.8). It was probably the best experience running such a large scale import though, very fault tolerant and simple to use.

Final results:

  1. User Groups Imported 35 items. (1.53 seconds)
  2. Users Imported 170,794 items. (3 hours 47 minutes 59.86 seconds)
  3. Custom Avatars Imported 519 items. (25.72 seconds)
  4. PM's Imported 132,841 items. (32 minutes 40.45 seconds)
  5. VM's Imported 0 items. (0.00 seconds)
  6. Forums Imported 134 items. (20.99 seconds)
  7. Moderators Imported 78 items. (13.80 seconds)
  8. Threads/Posts Imported 43,625 items. (29 minutes 41.92 seconds)
  9. Polls Imported 110 items. (4.78 seconds)
  10. Attachments Imported 16,603 items. (4 hours 14 minutes 51.54 seconds)
Now to jump into the results and see how things look/function. The photoplog gallery with 16,000+ images and the tons that were dropped into posts are likely to be our biggest issue.:rolleyes:
::cracking knuckles::
::refilling BIG tea mug::

Ahh... Can't wait till we can get the site up on XF! :)


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If it is not too personal, how many threads & posts are on the forum you are importing?
Not at all... The reason I'm posting this here is to help provide a metric on real world performance of the import. :)

Threads: 43,845, Posts: 196,747

We have almost more users than posts! Mainly it's because we're a DIY/info type site and the vast majority find what they need now without posting :).

Looks like I screwed myself up a bit when doing the import as I think I selected to merge on both names and emails, which appears to have been a logical OR rather than a logical AND? So everything that had the same email address as the pre-existing "admin" account *poof* BECAME the admin account. So the couple of testing accounts I had with the same email all got their content given to admin and those accounts didn't get created. Makes sense, but not quite what I expected.

Looks like if we have a jFusion plugin for XF when we do this for real, and keep vB&Photoplog running in the background, I can probably preserve the photoplog gallery content (16,000 images many of which are dropped into threads as thumbnails) until we can migrate to another/better gallery (photoplog as we had custom modded it was pretty dang good in many ways that will be hard to replicate in XF though). So that will hopefully remove a big chunk of the barrier moving to XF.

In general (barring my screwup with the merging) it looks like the migration tool did a bang up job. :)


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Hrm... Looks like posts that ARE associated with a given member don't show up when you pull up a list of posts/content by that member?


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No, at the end it should clearly state to re-build the search index. That may take a little while.

If you look in your database it could be that the xf_search_index table is zero. It won't be after you rebuild the search index.


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Gotcha. Thanks Dean!
About 1/2 way though rebuilding it now...

I didn't see any statement to that effect, but maybe I just missed it. I agree that it really should say in BIG FREAKING RED LETTERS that the admin needs to run the search rebuild ASAP if it's not included in the existing post import rebuilds. As it is it's almost guaranteed to cause a ton of admins to think that their imports were borked! ;)


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Thanks Jake! I didn't really want to go back through the whole process until I needed to refresh the testbed for some reason :).

I can see that with boards with multi-million post DB's it's probably best kicked of manually (I'd probably be looking at Sphinx anyway at that point), but it might still be worth calling that bit of info out more. After several hours/days, the temptation to just move on can be *strong*... I KNOW better and I still missed/skimmed over that :). I do think it's important enough to make sure to draw attention to it... It'd likely save a lot of time on the support forum and puzzlement/frustration on the part of first time importers.

::tosses two shiny coins in hat::