XF 1.2 Import Avatars from phpbb

Why my forum doesn't import avatars?
Directories /files and /images/avatars/ are uploaded ok and don't show any installation error. Cache is re builded.


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You will need to determine why those avatars aren't being imported.
Are the files corrupt?
Are they Gravatar?


XenForo developer
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If it imports some avatars (custom, local avatars), it's likely the correct path. Note that we only import custom avatars - if you have an "avatar gallery", those will not be imported.


XenForo developer
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You may have to. Is there anything different about those avatars than the ones that did import correctly?
Isn't there anything. Are the same JPG avatars image.

<img src="./download/file.php?avatar=620_1287150713.jpg" width="200" height="180" alt="Avatar de Usuario">
<img src="./download/file.php?avatar=282_1249911812.jpg" width="102" height="127" alt="Avatar de Usuario">
(no imported)
<img src="./download/file.php?avatar=2_1295310509.jpg" width="125" height="136" alt="Avatar de Usuario">