Implemented Implement tagging on user profile posts

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.


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Absolutely agree, tagging in profile posts is the most natural place to use it for my Facebook-raised userbase.


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This suggestion has nothing to do with replacing the profile post text area with Redactor.

Tagging works perfectly fine with the existing text area.


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+1 on this. Tagging on profiles - especially if you're wanting to draw someone else into it who doesn't own the profile you're posting on - is useful. As stated above, all public posting areas should support tagging, I think.

Definitely. Anywhere you would expect to post, you should be able to tag.


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+100 with this suggestion. Can you believe i wasn't a strong admirer of the @ username thing and now it's implemented here couldn't imagine being without it. So useful. I'd really like to see this implemented in Profile Posts/Comments also.