RM 1.1 Images showing as text links to attachments


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I just made an image heavy resource, and all of the images are displaying as links to attachments... is this a setting that I can adjust? In the past images have shown up just fine, so I wonder if it is due to the quantity (8-10 I think).

Thanks for any insights on this.


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Can you post a link to the resource?

Does the same issue happen if you create a thread with the same images?

How large are the images?


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It requires member signup to view- will start a conversation with you with access, and check file size.

File sizes seem quite small, ranging from 34KB to 265KB. It seems that there are 8, I would imagine total size of uploads less than 1MB


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Actually, I think that it might just be some weird saving thing... as it seems the resource is duplicated, one with an icon and one without, the former has the images in place and the latter does not... I think I can clean it up from here, sorry for the hassle.