XF 1.5 Images Missing From Posts After Import


New member
We recently changed from PHPBB to Xenforo and were having timeout issues while trying to import our database. We contacted our host company to see if they might have better luck with it. They replied telling us that all went well but now that the forum has been up and running for 3 weeks, we find images in some of the posts prior to the import are not displaying.

You can see an example here, where there should be an inline image between each of the large spaces between paragraphs:


I also discovered that on the ACP > Tools > Import External Data page that there is an import currently in progress.

The xf_attachment tables created 5471 files. We ran a test install on a different server and there are 7856 files -- is it possible to replace just the tree tables on from the test install to the current forum?

Is there a safe way to import the missing data without overwriting the data from the past 3 weeks?

Would it be wise to continue the import?