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XF 1.2 Images Missing From Style


New member
Just updated to 1.2.2 after a long wait for the style I use to be updated. The upgrade went fine but after I installed the upgrade for the theme none of the images are being shown. You can see the problem at http://wildstarforum.com . Any ideas?


New member
Just been through most of the sugestions but still no luck. Have also contacted the style author to see if they can help but nothing yet.


Well-known member
What do you mean none of the images are showing? You seem to have all the images showing that you should have for that style don''t you? (I compared it quickly to the Quark demo).

Your CSS is quite different in places though. Do you have lots of modified style properties?


New member
Should be. I have deleted all of the previous Quark files and uploaded all the new ones. I installed it as overwrite style - default style.