Fixed Images in old topics is not shown after upgrading to v2.0

Affected version
v2 Beta 6
I have upgraded my forum v1.5 to v2.0 Beta 6. But now, images in topics is not shown. When i tried to edit post to fix, i got this error:

ErrorException: [E_WARNING] fpassthru() has been disabled for security reasons

Stack Trace
#0 [internal function]: XF::handlePhpError(2, 'fpassthru() has...', '/home/yyildizc/...', 32, Array) #1 src/XF/Http/ResponseStream.php(32): fpassthru(Resource id #113) #2 src/XF/Http/Response.php(374): XF\Http\ResponseStream->output() #3 src/XF/Http/Response.php(263): XF\Http\Response->sendBody() #4 src/XF.php(355): XF\Http\Response->send(Object(XF\Http\Request)) #5 index.php(13): XF::runApp('XF\\Pub\\App') #6 {main}

Request State
array(4) { ["url"] => string(36) "/attachments/bet-yap-brezilya-jpg.9/" ["referrer"] => string(84) "" ["_GET"] => array(0) { } ["_POST"] => array(0) { } }

And this error while opening images in new tab:

An exception occurred: [ErrorException] [E_WARNING] fpassthru() has been disabled for security reasons in src/XF/Http/ResponseStream.php on line 32
  1. XF::handlePhpError()
  2. fpassthru() in src/XF/Http/ResponseStream.php at line 32
  3. XF\Http\ResponseStream->output() in src/XF/Http/Response.php at line 374
  4. XF\Http\Response->sendBody() in src/XF/Http/Response.php at line 263
  5. XF\Http\Response->send() in src/XF.php at line 355
  6. XF::runApp() in index.php at line 13

But i can add thumbnail mode of images while editing post to fix. What goes wrong?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The problem is that fpassthru() has been disabled.

This means that the fpassthru function has been disabled in the disabled_functions section of php.ini. This will need to be removed for normal operation to resume. There's very little reason to disable it.

This is definitely a server configuration issue, but we're leaving this report open so we can add more clear messages in the requirements script and installation system.