MG 1.1 Images from Galleries too Small

Is there a way when a member posts an image from the Media Gallery into a Thread for it to display full size, based on the image limitations already set for Posts?

I have my posts set up with a max Resolution of 1200 pix, and Uploading or inserting the URL behave correctly, but when inserting an image that is 1200 or 1600 pix wide in the Media Gallery, it gets inserted into a thread as much smaller, maybe like only 400 or 600 pix. It's noticeably smaller.



Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There's a number of different methods to display a media item from the Gallery. Has it been shared to the post using the GALLERY BB code or the editor button (camera)?

Or have they been shared via one of the share options when viewing the media? Such as the IMG/URL BB code?
Thanks Chris, I have only been using the "Media Gallery Embed" Icon, and that's what I would instruct the members to use.

I did go into the options and select that the BB Code would insert only the Media just a bit ago after seeing that discussed. But there is no difference in the size of the photo, it's still only like 400 to 600 pix wide.