XF 1.5 Images are being compressed on phone

Please see attached images for detailed explanation of what is happening but xen is some how or for some reason compressing images on mobile.

The biggest thing we are noticing it on is the logo.

Here is a screenshot from an iPhone SE (same screen as an iPhone 5)

Here is an image of the website on an iPhone 5 using a web browser (using the devices toolbar on chrome)

While I appreciate the actual phone screenshot is bigger than the devices toolbar in terms of real life view it's pretty accurate to the phone screen and what is actually being shown on the phone is a lot more stretched than the devices toolbar.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



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It's not so much that the images are compressed. Generally speaking, that's what happens when you display a non-retina (2x) image next to retina content (the text, borders, etc). In terms of the logo (own your own site), it means you'd need to use a logo twice as big as you want to display (if it's displaying at 200x100, the logo needs to be 400x200). Other images are generally more difficult to handle without core changes.