Image too big error


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My members are having an error uploading .jpg images from their cameras, getting "Image too big" as an error.

After some testing, it seems that images from my DSLR are fine (4700 wide) but images from others are not, it seems 5000 pixels is the cut off and bigger than this produces the error.

I set my forum to resize to 1000x1000 for posts, if I remove that limit, images >5000 pixels upload then OK but are not resized and are treated as attachments not thumbnails.

So it seems the act of resizing the image to 1000 pixels, if the source image is > 5000 pixels to start with, causes the error.

I spoke with my web host to see if this is a hard limit on my hosting package and the response was:

"Image too big" sounds like a setting in the script to me. I don't think GD gives text output.

Can anyone advise if I have missed a setting somewhere? All I can see in attachments that relates is:

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 19.18.02.png

Max attachment size is set to a huge 100MB (100024KB).

Alternatively is this indeed coded into the forum and if so, where can I change it please.

The reason why this is important to fix is that so many cameras these days are churning out big photos and so many of my members don't have the technical skills to edit and resize them before uploading, so the forum needs to hand hold them.



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The only other thing I can think of is it's running out of memory, though this is set quite high for a shared host? There's nothing in the Xenforo server error logs either.

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Bingo, thanks Brogan:

Note that with XenForo 1.1 and above, images of 16 megapixels and over will not be resized; this is to prevent fatal errors due to running out of memory. If the Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions combined total (width x height) is set lower than this limit, images greater than 16 megapixels, or with a dimension larger than that permitted, will be rejected with an error stating The uploaded image is too big. If the Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions combined total (width x height) is set to 0 or greater than 16 megapixels, the image will appear as an attachment without a thumbnail.

Sadly this is a problem for me, as many of my members have 18 megapixel cameras! I do think this limit should be increased to reflect current cameras (though I understand as Mike said before they have to cater for the lowest denominator on shared hosting).

Is this is dirty PHP code hack I can do in one of the core files to up this limit?