XF 1.5 Image Proxy problem with dropbox

Hi all,

After activating the image proxy, dropbox images don’t display, just the red cross to say it’s not there.

I looked here and other people have solved it with changing the ?dl=0 part to ?dl=1 but it didn’t help on our site.

Test URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4h074n07ox3z2l/Boston City Flow.jpg?dl=1

When testing with the image proxy text tool, the error message is: Received unexpected response code 302 (Found)

When pasting the URL in the browser, the image is found.

Using it here it works! WT...?

A setting I have missed?
Any ideas?

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I assume you're not running 1.5.11 or 1.5.12? They restored support for following redirects (while being secure).
Now I do :) ;) :oops:

Somebody mentioned it in another thread, so I downloaded the latest version, installed and tested it a few minutes ago, now it works just fine!

Follow up question.

For Instagram photos. Using the URL doesn't work, is the only way to get the photo URL from the source code?