XF 2.1 Image Proxy not returning image after file size update

Hello, we're having an issue with the vanilla image proxy on 2.1.4

We had an original settings of...
  • Proxy Image On
  • Secret Key On
  • Image Cache Lifetime 30 days
  • Image Cache Refresh 0 days
  • Image Cache Max Size 5MB

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, which is over 5MB so it didn't work obviously. The image proxy test tool reported failure because the file size was too large.

I updated the settings to..
- Image Cache Max Size 50MB

The Image proxy test tool reported success for that image. Although image proxy still show the image even though the image is 22MB.

I figure the issue of the image still not showing has something to do with image cache or refetching. I updated both cache values to 1 day in hopes it will start showing up tomorrow.

My questions are... How do I manually rebuild the image cache or force an image refetch? Can I just delete the image_cache folder in internal_data to force a refresh? If I just want to refresh one image, how do I figured out which folder it's in in image_cache? We have over a thousand image_cache folders with 250+ GB of data in internal_data so it's a bit hard to parse.

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