XF 1.3 Image proxy: is possible to exclude certain domain?


Is posible to edit files o add any code to exclude one o more domains of Image proxy function?

There is a domain from which comes most of my images and i need exclude it to able this function.


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If it possible by default? No. Is it possible with an add-on/code edit? Don't see why not.

Is it an easy or complicated modification/code edit? I say if you can tell me something more concrete. I'm not a programmer.

I think it may be useful to more people.
Doctor, i didn't understand your solution.

For example, imagine you wanted to apply the proxy function to photos from all domains except http://www.picasa.com. However, you wanted images from picassa to appear in the forum posts normally (url without caching). How do you do it? I'd like to do it with Censorship functions.

(I hope you understand my "English")