XF 1.5 Image Proxy and bmp images


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When I try embedding external bmp images, Image Proxy fails and just puts the dead image X icon into the post.

I've added bmp to my Allowed Attachment File Extensions but that didn't help.

Other image formats such as jpeg are working ok.

Is there something I'm overlooking?


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The attachment extensions are unrelated to embedding.

What are some example URLs?
It's likely something to do with the image size - there are settings for that in the options.


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What happens when you use the test - admin.php?tools/test-image-proxy

Actually, I think this may just be a case of bmp images not being supported. I'll have to check the code.

Edit: Yes, it looks like only gif, jp(e)g/e, and png are supported.
$extensionMap = array(
    IMAGETYPE_GIF => array('gif'),
    IMAGETYPE_JPEG => array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'jpe'),
    IMAGETYPE_PNG => array('png')
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