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I am trying to set up a reviews column section on my forum where it is possible to have more control over the placement of text in relation to images.

Basically, it's going to be a game review forum where only staff can post. I hope to include screenshots and video as well as plain text but I want I be able to format it a little better so that it looks like an actual review, rather than a forum post.

Is there any way to do this out of the box, if not is there a modification available that would work? I have looked at Jaxel's XenCarta (wiki) mod but I am not sure if that's the right way to go.

We don't want to have to code the page in HTML to get the right look. Something WYSIWYG-based would be needed, I think.
You can use Cedric's addon coupled with the bbCode manager addon. (make sure to use the one in the post I linked to which is the 'new' version of bbCode Mgr)

This will give you some great options for your layouts (y)
Cheers, however I'm find that these mods are very fiddly, it's quite hard/time consuming/impossible to get a very professional "review look"

The best I have come up with is below:

Any other suggestions? It is almost as if we need full control of our page, similar to that of what you get from MS Word.
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