XF 1.4 Image not showing

Mr Lucky

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I posted here with a linked image, but the image is showing as a an X, although if I click to edit the post the image shows in the edit box just fine.

Also if I click on the X, the link works.

Can anyone help please?

Mr Lucky

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I don't understand.

If people are on my site, anyone can view the image, as they should due to the category permissions


However when I link to the image here, it shows as an X, and if not logged in to my site, then if you follow that link you get the error.


XenForo developer
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When you load that URL, you'll see it actually changes URL, though this isn't the case in XF 1.4.4 (not released yet) and XFMG 1.0.1.

However, I don't think that was actually relevant in this case -- if you go back to your original post, you'll see that it's appearing now and it doesn't look like the image URL actually changed. That likely just means that we couldn't contact your server at first or there was a permission issue that was later resolved.