MG 1.1 Image embedding


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When you click the media gallery embed icon, how can you edit the display of the embed to simply just the full-sized image?

Right now it comes in with a container, with tabs and a info tab for the media



Chris D

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There's an option for that in the Admin CP. It's titled "Enable [GALLERY] BB Code" and it defaults to "Extended". Just set it to "Media Only".

If you're not 100% happy with how it looks like that (because I think the width is constrained, IIRC) , then you will need to adjust its CSS accordingly.


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So no answer ? No support at all bcs i did not renew my license yet ?
Anybody an idea how to get images out of the media gallery to fullsize in the postings ?
It just puts it resized in 525px × 350px instead of the original 1200 x 900 and there is NO option in the settings to adjust that.


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Would you mind to give me that line of code as i am not a developer...
It will decide about my partners agree to buy a new and second license for a new forum...
And another question. As long the changes are in the EXTRA.css they won't be overwriten with updates, right !?
Thx in advance.