I'm back

Fred Sherman

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It has been a very tough two-months, my friends. Since my last visit, my younger brother suffered a major heart attack. A week later, my grandmother passed away. During the same time, a project at work had its timetable moved up by 6 weeks. Since we are a defense contractor providing direct, realtime support to our war fighters, there was no choice but to adopt a 36 hours on / 12 off schedule.

To complicate matters, my network was hacked - quite maliciously, wiping out sites that I have rune for nearly a decade - gone in a blink of an eye. My backup company could not restore from tapes. I was devastated. It was too much to handle.

I didn't have the desire, the stamina or the frame of mind to try again. My mood needed vast improvement just to be a depression.

But the human spirit refuses to be held down. I now view this as an opportunity. I won't revive the old sites. My interests have changed over time, as has the technology. I will create new sites to explore new interests. I can reconfigure my servers to take advantage of newer features. I can update operating systems from the freeware version (CentOS) to true production quality operating systems (RHEL 6.0).

It takes a long time to crawl out of the darkness, but I'm back.

And now an observation...

I received the email that I'm sure you all did, explaining the version number for XenForo...


I recall many years ago having a discussion with Steve Machol, discussing this very subject. I advocated a very similar system, which is typical in the software industry. vB was not following that convention. So it pleases me to no end that XenForo distinguishes itself yet again. Not just in the code, but in the whole approach to software lifecycle management. It may seem like a little thing, but thats how professionals separate themselves from the pack - in the little things.

So, as I contemplate what my new sites might be and what interests I might explore, I will never doubt that XenForo is the platform upon which I will build those communities.

Well done. Very well done.


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Wow, sad to hear that Fred, all of it is quite a turn of events, seems like the dark side attacked you all at once.

Glad to see you still retain your fighting spirit after all of that, I hope your network comes back stronger than the old one you had.

None of us will 'take it with us when we go' anyway, so move onto better things and try not to look back, that is the best way to deal with great loss.


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Sorry to hear about your troubles...but great to see you back! As for your sites....well, a clean slate then and an opportunity to tackle new projects. Best of luck!


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So glad to have you back, my friend. I am very sorry for your personal loss as well as your other troubles, but I am so glad you dug your way out of that dark hole, back into the light. I have had to do that myself, and I do know how difficult it is.

Welcome back.


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Welcome back Fred! Sorry to hear about your issues, I can totally relate though, having just been through a similar horrible set of circumstances for the last 6 weeks.

So glad to hear you are feeling like things are getting better, I am feeling that way too, it does take time though doesn't it, chin up Fred :)

I am reminded of this song....

My Happiness, slowly creeping back...



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Welcome back Fred, and sorry to hear about all the bad stuff that happened to you.

I don't need to tell you this, but your mindset is exactly right. Every end marks a new beginning as well, and every beginning carrier opportunities with it. I'm not a religious person, but I do strongly believe each and every one of us will receive chances to shine. The way to do so is by recognizing and seizing these opportunities.

Let me know if I can somehow assist you in any way with your sites.


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Yeah, sorry to hear about that Fred. Glad you're bouncing back. Each kicking life gives us makes us stronger (well at least it does once we've stopped crying and feeling ****!!). (y)

What are your new projects about? or haven't you decided yet? (Let's talk about the fun stuff ... ;))

Shaun :D