XF 1.3 Iframe help

Hi, I need help. I wanted to know if there's any support for iframe's I'm trying to use game tracker on my forums. http://puu.sh/aElIN/0adfb35b6f.jpg this is what I wanted to have, i've looked for addons but cant find anything, i have found two addons 1 for game tracker and 1 for team speak but again there not iframes

any help would be great.


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You can place the iframe HTML directly into the appropriate template. If you need it in a post, you'll need a custom BBCode.
Ok heres some images for you to look at maybe you can point me in the correct location. http://puu.sh/aEGz6/44076f19e8.png so here where i've added the HTML.

Here's how its displayed, http://puu.sh/aEGCF/366e349930.png.

heres the code it's self.

<iframe src="http://cache.www.gametracker.com/components/html0/?host=" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="240" height="348"></iframe>
Again any help here would be great.