If you die tomorrow, what will become of your websites?


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If you die tomorrow, what will become of your websites?

Are you the only one with admin access?
Will someone let your communities (forums) know that you have passed?
Is there a contingency plan in place for someone to take over?
Who will renew your domains and hosting accounts?


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It will go down for good once the server hosting is due again, simple as! But the domain itself would live on for a lot, lot longer. About 6-7 years roughly without looking at the exact time scale left before renewal of that.


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Very good questions. I have often wondered about this, myself. That's why I have my hosting account billing attached to a paypal subscription and a substantial balance in my paypal account. I have my domain registered several years out. I have also left my login credentials behind in an envelope at my home with instructions for them to be given to a computer savvy friend of mine. I hope my site outlives me. Still, I have to wonder if it would...for very long anyway.


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I'll probably give all the important info to a trusted friend (TBD), and have them sell it, depositing the proceeds into my son's savings.


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Well if i died today or tomorrow and on the off chance there is life after death i would commit suicide again over and over until there was no more 2nd / 3rd / 4th lives... lol i would be screwed in terms of my sites, i guess after my banks canceled my accounts / froze / blocked my funds i guess everything would eventually just die off... and then some smarty with back-orders on my domains (sure i do have a few back-orders on a few of my domains) or i guess the domains would get dropped and some lucky person could potentially pick them up and almost start of where i left off (if they were smart enough).

No really you have an excellent point, after a bad run with amateur moderators / appointing admins who i hadn't sussed out properly.. You do live and learn (usually in that order lol) I actually appointed a admin from a competition site (without knowing he was the owner of my main competition site) he made out he was just a good guy with an interest in my niche, long story short he stole my mailing list, sent an email to all my members saying my site was closing down because i no longer care for the site, then hacked my site good and hard).. and within just a few weeks his site had 200+ of my members all signed up on his site.

long story short... there is one other person in this world i would trust with al my sites / hosting / license details etc and yet ive still not provided these details to him.. after seeing this thread i will get onto that now, because your thread is very very valid.. usually most off-topic forums are not worth reading...but this is a wake up call.

To be honest just over 5 weeks ago, i was very close to my death due to a perforated stomach ulcer (was a lot worse than it sounds) was away from the pc for about 2 weeks without having any online access while in hospital i got into a lot of strife / lost a lot of paid work / had a lot of online contacts worried about me / dumped a heavy load of work onto a friend who we have a 50/50 partnership in a website he had to take care of everything and i couldn't even get online to let him know what was going on... and i mean that was only 2 weeks, a death would cause unthinkable damage.

Wow Thanks for this thread, i needed that you know, not kidding either thank you this has helped me (provided i don't have a stroke in the next few hours) and i am sure this will help a lot of others also provided they act on it and not say "ahhh yeah i must think about that later" and never get around to it.

Haven't done this before (always thought this was quite / very GAY or at least very NERDY every time i saw someone doing it) but here goes:

+1 :)


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Hmm... My hosting is paid off until September, so I'd imagine it would still be online, but inactive, until then.

T3G Silas

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Considering I don't necessarily own the website, I do co-own it so someone else already has the information.
On the other hand, I'm fairly certain the website would die without me; I've basically done everything, except make the skin.


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I am going to great lengths to make sure my forum continues after I am gone. At some point I may write up the details but basically:
  • 1 trusted highly technical person that has full access to everything all the time - except hosting billing/accounting and domain registrar.
  • 1 different person that will have immediate and full access t0 the hosting billing/accounting and domain registrar credentials in my estate plan - that person can pay the server & registrar bills, and be reimbursed by the estate - which will be funded with revenue from the forum.
  • 2 forum admins in addition to myself that care about the subject matter of our forum, and they will be the ones that do the day to day activities. They are being constantly being trained to handle more and more duties.
There is a bit more detail, but with everything set up it should continue to exist and be a positive revenue stream for at least another 2 decades after I am gone.

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Well... Good questions...

Thinks to himself... (Death planning... now that's something I have never thought about before... I wonder why... it's such commonplace)


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If I knew I was about to die I'd quickly install vbull 4 and leave my members with something they'll remember me by. (y)
LMAO!!! well at least now I know who to send up front for when I battle Bob Brisco and his thug crew!

I should make a flash game about fighting vB staff characters :p The bonus button spawns a Shelly to provide backup!