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As designed If truncate 'xf_edit_history' table..


Well-known member
I'm not sure this is just a bug or as designed however if run this query;

truncate xf_edit_history;
"History" links still shows on message area and get an error when click;

The following error occurred:
This content edit history has been removed.

After run that query and truncate all message history from database then, History links should be hidden or removed from messages. You can run the query and see its results directly on the messages.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Well, if you manipulate the database directly, you can't expect things to always work as expected. There are often other things that are updated when data is modified via the system.

However, this is as designed. It does serve as a reference to it being edited and further it's simply not feasible to go back to each content item and change the edit counts (general efficiency).